This is part of a short hop to Europe.  Why Helsinki?  Because there is a direct flight from SFO...

Landed late in the afternoon, but since European summer days are really long, I can still venture out a bit.  First - food.  A lot of seafood and pubs here, so the only think I managed was pizza...  A very plain pizza.  but good.

Then I stopped by a spot close by - Lasipalatsinaukio.  Btw - Finland people are Finns, and the speak Finnish.  Therefore I can't pronounce any of the words.  Anyways, this is the best part of the trip - just chilling on the plaza, just the right amount of open space, and with very interesting/unique structures.  Usually these things   I love it so much that I went back the next day.

Then planning for the next day.. I was hoping these would get me more food, but they end up failing.

Nonetheless, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Especially for jetlag.

Then on to some churches or something.  Just a church.

Chilling at the waterfront was nice.  Finally there are tourists!!  The meat were meh.

Then some plaza

Then dinner overlooking my fav spot.

Overall a very nice/chill/peaceful spot, but unlikely to be a place I'll revisit.  That goes for most of Europe actually...  Then on to the next stop.