This is a continuation of the Miyajima trip.  Starts with flying IWK-OKA with free wifi!  

I originally planned to stay at a killer Hyatt resort to take advantage of my free nights, but since it was thunderstorming, I'll save it for another trip!  Instead, I opted to take it easy and stay in the city (Naha).

In Naha, there's pretty much only 1 activity - Shopping on the international street (Naha Kokusai Dori).  In fact, it was so interesting I went back 3 times, for a couple hours each.  (I did go to shintoshin for a little bit but it wasn't so interesting).

The best part is the food..  just everywhere.

It's like going to Hawaii (they do make it feel like Hawaii), except this is real Japan.

Then it's time to head home, except this is a trip back to work in Seattle, routing via my fav city HKG.

Then a fun 6 hour layover in HKG