This is a layover destination, so not a lot of expectation, and keeping it chill.

Why NGO? A city in Japan with onsen, preferably somewhere new
Primary reason for trip: Spend a weekend in Taipei
Execution: SEA -> ICN -> NGO -> TPE -> SFO

So the trip actually started in Seattle (for work), which varied from sunny to foggy days.

Then on to an overnight layover in Seoul/Incheon. Knowing me, I would not just stay at the airport!

It was the period when I was always getting Pocari Sweat - so glad to find it on the airplane!

While my hotel was 2 subways stops away from the airport, I took the subway out to Hongdae to chill for about an hour. Since I just had food on the plane, apparently the only "dinner" that pleased me was Tiger Sugar.......

Then I got more "food" back at the hotel.. Because it came with 2 free drinks - while being careful I'm not too empty stomach..

Free drinks at the hotel

Then next morning, back to Incheon for my 8am flight departure, completing my dinner/breakfast via lounge hopping. Turns out the crappy looking food on the plane was one of the best meal on the trip.

Just to set expectations again.. I've planned very little activities, and usually people visiting Nagoya venture outside the city. Given my quick trips style, that ain't happening... Plus, it was raining part of the time.

Activities for Nagoya

I got to my hotel at 1pm (at Nishitetsu Hotel Croom... I stayed with them in FUK before and loved it), so gotta find something to do before crashing on a bed. The closest location is the TV tower (which seems to be the icon for most Japan cities) and Nagoya Castle (which also seems to be in every city).

Nagoya TV Tower

Sadly, the entire Odori park was under construction, so there's nothing to do by the tower, and it doesnt look the most awesome especially with the wet ground. So this is the only shot I had.

Then on to the castle. I'm usually not a fan of castles, but since there's not a whole lot to do, I decided to go anyway. To my suprise, the @Nagoya sign was there and I loved it. Otherwise it's just another beautiful castle.

Then supposedly there's this historical street with food and shop, but I did not find it particularly appealing other than the ropes hanging down from the roof.

Shikemichi Historic District

Welps, seems like I still have time left over, so I headed to the Toyota Museum. It started with a section on their early history with how they make the fabric of the seats with tour guides and detailed explanations.. but I wasn't very interested and moved on quickly.

Then on to the cars, which is a lot more interesting, and ends with a band of robots playing music.

Then I explored Nagoya JR for a bit since I'm transfering there, but not too interesting other than this...

Ramen street in Nagoya JR

Since I ate a lot in the morning and had a late lunch, I was really not up to eat more and wanted to make sure I grab dinner (already failed the day before).. I walked back and forth and made the tough decision to skip....

Went back to the hotel for soak #1 and a nap, then ended up getting ramen anyway later at night, but in Sakae (their shopping district).

This is one of the rare ferries wheel that's in the dead center of the shopping district.

I checked out a book store with a lot of travel guides for Hawaii, and found this to be particularly interesting. I guess Japanese people are so into subways that they can make everything look like a subway map...

Oahu/HNL bus route map

Then on to soak #2.... Importance of finding a hotel with onsen..

Day 1 was planned more aggressively because day 2 was going to rain hard, and in fact it did. After getting my usual morning soak + "western" Japanese breakfast, I was shopping in Sakae before heading back to the hotel (completely soaked in a different way), then the airport.

Then onward to Taipei.

Funny enough, my plane was neither Japanese nor Taiwanese, but HK-er... Weeee binge watching canto TV shows on CX!! (and that was my last CX flight so far...).

... plus pre-flight binge eating at lounges to cover lunch/dinner

(For the geeks - this is not the A350. It's the renovated 777 with 10 abreast)