Why FRA?  Layover city.  And since I'm here, might as well spend a day here (~20 hours).

I got off the plane hungry since I wasn't able to get on my original 6am flight.  Passed by a pastry shop, not feeling sandwiches, so opted for fruit tart for lunch.  It was amazing.

Then off to a waterfront walk.  The same European themes - bridges, water, churches, and locks.  At least it was a rather nice day.

Then I'm sure you saw images of these on TV.  The pictures look more amazing than actual.

Then more strolling and getting a proper lunch, which became part of my dinner as well due to overnapping (The green apple sundae from MD was the bomb).

Hey, this looks like the bull from NYC.

This turned out to be the real dinner because I woke up at 11pm and all the restaurants were closed.  I love it though.

Last shot before heading to the airport early morning.  All the Germany "main" stations look the same.  At least they're all named the same, and therefore one of the only German word I know - Hauptbahnhof (but makes getting to town very easy).  Unlike San Francisco, which is called "Powell Street Station".  If they have Civic Center/UN Plaza Station, why can't they change this to Power Street/Union Square Station?  Honestly, no one cares about UN plaza.

Then I held out to the morning when I can visit the airport lounges in FRA.  They sure love their sausages.

Then more food on my 11 hour flight to Houston on LH Biz on the A380!

Overall impression - nice city to stroll around, though I wouldn't spend more than a day here as I walked the whole place and didn't need trains.  Maybe an extra day or so if you love chilling in a plaza or some shopping in the shopping area.