The focus as usual.. food, some outdoors, minimal hiking..

It's a morning flight, so need some food right?  How about free food in first class?!?!

By the time I landed, I was ready to eat again..  Quick yelp search says Roland's mix plate is 5 minutes drive from the airport.

Roland's Mix Plate - Ono Pack

The thinking is to hit the spot furthest way so I can hit the quicker stuff the next morning, so Waimea canyon it is.  But don't forget to grab dessert along the way...

The drive up the canyon is steep, curvy, and narrow.  I'm glad I had a small car (corolla)!  plus random lookouts along the way..

A couple points of interest with zero hiking:

I planned to do the Waipo'o Falls trail, but one of the path was not drive-able (at least with a corolla), and the trail was muddy and a bit dark - I wanted to make sure I hit everything before sunset.

Then it's time to hit my killer hotel - Grand Hyatt Kauai

A cheaper non-shitty ones would easily cost around $200, so the 25k points redemption for this one was more than worth it (and $32 resort fee is waived with points redemption!).  Not to mention the swag...

Then it's time for dinner, after spilling a full bottle of water on the bed and called someone to change the sheets...  Turns out to be a fantastic loco moco nearby at Kiawe Roots.

Loco Moco at Kiawe Roots

Next morning.. I decided 2 breakfasts would be in order - both very close to my hotel.  With the perfect weather..

French toast with Poi at Anuenue Cafe
Acai bowl at Little Fish

That leaves me about 1.5 hours to chill at my fantastic hotel/resort before executing the rest of the plans of this short trip

It was still morning so it's relatively quiet, which was great!  I love the many waterfalls they got and a lot of different chill areas with different views.

It is now 10am.  2 more waterfall viewpoints to hit, then lunch, then return car around 1pm (to hit 24 hour of rental to avoid paying an extra day), then 3:20pm flight out.  Let's get to work!

They're both not super exciting - given how far the parking lot is from them..  I would go back to Portland!

Hamura Saimin

The noodles were also not super exciting.  Anyways, it's time to go.

Then back to the same gate I departed the day before