This is part of a last minute layover stop for one of my HKG trip (the other trip's layover was Chengdu).  Because I would like to return to SEA after the trip, potential routing were..  HKG-HND-YVR-SEA (8 hours in Tokyo), HKG-FUK-HND-YVR-SEA (6 hours in Fukuoka), HKG-KIX-HND-YVR-SEA (6 hours in Osaka), HKG-SFO-SEA (overnight in SFO), or HKG-TPE-SEA (12 hours in Taipei).  The latter was what I ultimately decided, after hours of research and watching flight loads.

The infamous "meal" on CX HKG-TPE

There are 2 things on the schedule - jiufen and Taipei 101 area.  Turns out getting to jifen is not very easy - due to trains going to multiple destinations, some reserved seats and some not, and infrequent schedule.  Then should I get a ticket, or use my transit card...  Ended up on a less ideal train and took longer, etc, etc

Anyways, time to check out the jiufen's old town - the town of lanterns going up to the sky

But there are more interesting stuff to see, like bridges and waterfalls..

The sad part is.. what goes up must come down at some point...

Abandoned lantern

Then with the remaining couple hours..  It's time to check out the Taipei 101 area (I heard it looks nice at night..),  but food first!

The scene in the area does look pretty cool with the lights on

.. and I think this bus is another check-in spot.  It's not open when I got there though

And then it's time to go home..  Had to wait a bit before I can get my boarding pass, so found this area to be pretty chill...

TPE arrivals area

And if you really want to know what I ate on the plane...

Plane food on BR26 TPE-SEA