Taipei has always been a quick destination.. Usually 0-2 nights, and usually tagged on with other cities. 6x in the past 4 years. Super easy to get around with the recent metro from TPE to Taipei station, then metro to everywhere from there. Here's a collection of those same spots that I hit over and over..

Popular spots to hit..

Xinyi/Taipei 101 (Red line to Taipei 101, or Blue line to Taipei City Hall)

Only recently did I discover the people watching scene here.. Quite interesting with its own flavor.

Night Markets

XMD (XiMenDing) - Green line to Ximen

Trending spot where all the young people go. Super crowded.

Beitou (Red line to Beitou, then a transfer to Xinbeitou)

Hot Spring area with steamy lake and a very pretty library.

MaoKong (Brown line to zoo, then gondola or bus BR15)

Up the mountain with great view of the city. Chill spot with tea and gardens. On my 2nd time, I actually hiked down, and it was quite exhausting...

TamSui (Red line to TamSui)

Chill area by the water with 2 streets of local shops. Also the rainbow bridge nearby (that I did not visit).

Shifen (Pingxi line to Ruifang, then transfer to Shifen)

Excursion spot (~1.5-2 hours one way). Known for throwing laterns to the sky and the waterfall.

Yilan/JiaoXi (Kamalan or Capital bus to JiaoXi)

Another excusion spot (~1.5 hour one way). Known for hot spring town (free foot spas), beautiful hiking trails, interesting station displays, and one of the best night market.


Taiwan is the birthplace of Boba, and the only place in the world where I allow myself >1 boba per day. My fav, as you can see, is 50 LAN (there's even a song for it), and my progression (in Mandarin) from failing to get boba to getting half sweet less ice, and hitting their stores from XMD to Taipei station to random ass spots.

Fun fact that I found out recently: Their overseas branch is Koi, which is actually all over Macau and very int'l locations.

... then favs followed by Tiger Sugar, and CST.

(That happy lemon was before they exist in the US)

Did I mention there's also Boba Milk Tea shaved ice?!?! Ice Monster FTW. Yes I ate it all. And they also have a location in Waikiki.

Taiwanese Breakfast

#2 Favorite food in Taipei. The simplistic egg pancake and soy milk are all that's needed. I can baller and it'll still be under $2. Still cheaper than boba.

Taipei Food

Other random food - most noteably Tokiya, Beef Noodle Soups, and that dry mixed noodle in Burmese town.

Inflight Experience

The main carriers in Taiwan are EVA Air and China Airlines. Given that I tag on HKG a lot with these trips, Cathay is also thrown in there, along with 1 flight on TigerAir Taiwan.

The various lounge food in TPE, one of my favorite airport lounge.

The various views along the journey

And the various plane food as a result..